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Installation Guide

Installation Step by Step

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Calculate the size of the area that you want to replace in square metres.

Remove an equal amount of topsoil to maintain levels. Remove any vegetation to prevent rotting.

Lay the weed membrane directly on the area where the artificial grass is going to be installed.

Lay your hardcore on top of the topsoil & weed membrane.

Layer of sand added and levelled to improve drainage and give level surface for installation.

Lay the artificial grass. Allow approx. 50mm surplus at edges so that you can trim perfect edges.

Apply adhesive to the tape and then fold back the grass taking care not to squeeze the adhesive up onto the grass strands.

To anchor the grass, a layer of silica sand should be added to the grass and brushed using a rotary brush. This will make the grass stand up and will leave you with a natural finish.

Ground Preparation

Remove all surface imperfections and thoroughly clean and dispose of dirt, paint, grease or any residue which will prevent good adhesion for fixing the grass to the surface.

For decking – attach the grass with screws so that the decking can be checked for damage or resealed after installation.

For concrete – attach the grass using glue or Hilti nails.

For cobble – we suggest just using glue along trip hazards and using sand infill to weigh down the grass to make sure the cobbles are left undamaged.

Installation Accessories

Ask our Team about Specialist Installation

With over 15 years’ experience in the artificial grass market, we have learned some valuable lessons – not least, the importance of expert installation.
At each stage, from measuring the garden area through to the selection of the most suitable artificial grass for your garden to installation, we aim to give our customers expert advice and service.
Over the years we have seen high-quality artificial grass spoiled by poor workmanship when it came to installation.
Rather than use contractors, Synthetic Style Co. directly employs its own team of expert carpet installers. They are all carpet specialists, who install to the highest standards.
It is part of our commitment to a thoroughly professional service.

Ground preparation work to be completed in advance, Synthetic Style Co. are solely artificial grass installers

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