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Cosiscoop Pillar Black Lantern


10-21 working days delivery

This striking floor standing lantern pillar is great for making pathways or surrounding your outdoor lounge area. Standing over one metre tall, these hurricanes will create a dramatic light source and backdrop whilst you relax in your outdoor space. They are easy to use with the electric ignition, you’ll be the new style guru in town! This style is stopped with a glass surround. It fits a 5kg propane gas bottle which is hidden away from view in a compartment underneath.

The 5kg propane gas bottle can be purchased from all good gas retailers. Why propane gas? A conscious decision was made to make the fire pits only work on propane gas, and not on natural gas. Propane is one of the cleanest fuels in terms of CO2 emission and is a by-product of both the extraction of natural gas and the refining of crude oil.



37mbar UK regulator
Burn time is approx 6 hrs
Gas Consumption : 30g/hr
Heat Output : 0.4 KW
Works with a 5KG propane gas bottle (not included)

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