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Roma Side Curtain Suitable for 3×3 & 3×4 Pergola Cloud


Step up your outdoor decor with the Roma Side Curtain, expertly tailored for both 3x3 and 3x4m Cloud Pergolas. Made with top-tier polyester, this curtain not only elevates the visual appeal of your pergola but also crafts a serene, private sanctuary in your garden.

Key Features:

  • Adaptable Set: This curtain pack is specifically designed to offer side coverage, enhancing both privacy and shade in your pergola.
  • Material: Constructed from resilient polyester, promising enduring elegance and utility.
  • Protection: Comes with UPF50+ certification, ensuring maximum sun protection.
  • Ready for All Weathers: The curtain material is adeptly shower-resistant, offering shelter even during sudden rain showers.
  • Simple Installation: Outfitted with eyelet hooks and velcro straps, the curtain ensures a straightforward and stable setup.
  • Curtain Colour: A tranquil cloud shade, harmoniously blending with the pergola's aesthetic.

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